DOCUMENT 162 MAY 1909 191 quite well in a few days. I had hoped to make a careful study of the paper be- fore writing to you, but I have not been able to do so. I have not been able so far[5] to gain any really clear idea as to the princi- ples involved or as to their meaning[6] and those to whom I have spoken in England about the subject seem to have the same feeling. I think it would help us if you were to write a short account[7] of the subject which could be translated and published in some English journal,-the Phil. Mag. perhaps. If I could give any assistance in the matter I should be glad to do so, but I must say that I am not an expert in German. I send a few papers which I hope you will accept. They are on my own lines and have very little reference to the work of others.[8] This is mainly[9] be- cause my teaching work prevents [10] me from reading very much of what is written by others. I have been in Berne several times. My wife[11] and I were there for one night in Sep 1907. For the first time I saw the Alps perfectly clear. I thought they looked almost more beautiful at that distance than from Mürren or Grin- delwald.[12] If I find myself at Berne again, I hope I may have the pleasure of meeting you. I was recently at Torquay and had several conversations with Dr. Oliver Heaviside[13] on electrical matters. I think he would be interested to have a copy of your paper. His address is Homefield Lower Warberry Road Torquay. With renewed thanks for your paper I remain yours truly G. F. C. Searle. ALS. [20 472]. The envelope is addressed to "Prof. A. Einstein Bern Switzerland.," and post- marked "Cambridge 9:30 PM My 20 09." Footnotes 4-7 and 9-10 record translations of certain words in the text in an unknown hand. They may have been prepared for Einstein's use. [1]George Frederick Charles Searle (1864-1954) was Lecturer in Experimental Physics at the University of Cambridge. [2]Alfred Bucherer. [3]Probably the review article Einstein 1907j (Vol. 2, Doc. 47). [4]"ermudet" interlineated. [5]"weit" interlineated. [6]"Bedeutung" interlineated. [7]"Beschreibung" interlineated. [8]Searle had recently worked on such topics as the thermal conductivity of indiarubber (.Searle 1901a) and phenomena connected with suddenly accelerated or decelerated electrified systems (Searle 1907b, 1907c, 1908). [9]"hauptsächlich" interlineated. [10]"verhindert" interlineated. [11]Alice Mary Searle. [12]Mürren (1636 m) and Grindelwald (1034 m), both in the canton of Bern. [13]Oliver Heaviside (1850-1925) was a Fellow of the Royal Society and carried out his re- search activities independently of any institution.
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