D O C U M E N T 2 2 8 T O P E A C E M E E T I N G 3 4 9 Published in Lehmann-Russbüldt 1922, pp. 13–14. Nathan and Norden 1975, pp. 70–72. [1]Date provided by p. 5 of the publication. [2]The German-French meeting, organized by the Deutsches Friedenskartell, was held on 11 June 1922 in the chamber of the Reichstag. German attendees were, among others, Paul Loebe, president of the Reichstag Hellmut von Gerlach and Harry Graf Kessler, members of the executive committee of the Deutsche Liga für Menschenrechte (earlier Bund “Neues Vaterland”) and Einstein. The dele- gation of the Ligue française pour la défense des droits de l’homme et du citoyen was led by its pres- ident, former minister of education Ferdinand Buisson, and consisted of its vice-presidents, general secretary, and members of its central committee (see Lehmann-Russbüldt 1922, pp. 5–11). [3]Originally, Einstein had decided not to address the meeting (see Doc. 218). [4]For Einstein’s recent trips to the Netherlands, France, and the United States, see Docs. 163 and 71, and Vol. 12, Introduction, pp. xxviii–xl. [5]For earlier expressions of support for the pan-European idea, see, e.g., Einstein to Hendrik A. Lorentz, 23 September 1915 (Vol. 8, Doc. 122), and Einstein to Werner Weisbach, 14 October 1916 (Vol. 8, Doc. 264).
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