D O C U M E N T 2 6 5 J U L Y 1 9 2 2 2 1 1 I would not take this liberty if I weren’t called Einstein too. At last, that far removed we’re neither, I cannot check the family tree our forefathers[2] certainly knew each other, as all called themselves “Einstein,” you see. I also hark from the Swabians’ fair land, where I spent my youthful days I book to my “credit” as a businessman that an “Einstein” already so much conveyed. And because thus is named my “great namesake,” who is ever on the heels of Science, I scour my own brain in his wake and greet him in clumsy verse in deference. You won’t be upset and hold it against me otherwise I would be sincerely sorry Why this foolhardiness occurred to me the dailies say now in a hurry.– The clan on the right, of German-nationalist C[3] to these anti-Semites, one and all, there are too many high-minded Jews so the greatest now would have to fall. They don’t ask about law and order, always only have words of gall. One sees, no means is beneath them, not even murder gives them pause. Not men of the world of politics alone whose lives are targets of this band, leading Jews are also stoned who are loyal to Science in this land. And as you also in the first row belong among the greatest of the great, as never before a genius bestowed to teach the world something new to date, who was gladly welcomed even in France without spleen and without contempt, as his “relative theory” grants his contribution to international consent. So, most esteemed Sir, please beware
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