D O C U M E N T 7 4 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 7 7 9 I’ve also been asked about a certain young man named Tolman in Pasadena.[14] Can you advise me regarding him? Kramers[15] and others in Copenhagen are unlikely to leave. What do you think about the Technical University, in the event that Heisenberg doesn’t come? About the young men in Vienna?[16] And about Wenztel in Leipzig?[17] who, if Heisenberg[18] goes to work with Debye, will obviously leave Leipzig.[19] He has good ideas, and might not be so distant from engineering. I have seen him only once, as a very lively person. I cannot adequately judge his ability in physics. Lately, he seems not to have been particularly lucky? Or[20] I would like to tell you, very confidentially, what is now possible: Scherrer, Bothe, as experimental and very well theoretically trained physicists. A professor of technical physics, methods of measurement: Tank or Dällenbach?[21] Then low- voltage engineering, the position that was earlier held by Prof. Tobler,[22] is sup- posed to be expanded enormously important industries are being developed. Then the position in high-voltage engineering is held by Kuhlmann[23]… now theoret. physics. Excuse my intellectual encroachments on engineering and physics, but if I have the confidence and the feeling that I can be of service, then I try it anyway. I hope that your daughter is feeling better again,[24] and that she will soon be able to travel. Has she any particular questions about the Engadin? Kind regards, and thanks for your advice Compliments to your wife[25] Zangger 74. To Elsa Einstein [Brussels,] Sunday [23 October 1927][1] Dear Elsa, The trip went well and pleasantly.[2] As far as Cologne with a newspaper editor from southern France, then in an almost empty train under a blinding sun. I finished reading Reichenbach .[3] Having such a high opinion of oneself must be delightful, but less so for other people. After arriving, I cleaned up, first brushing my teeth with shaving cream, after I had struggled to open it. Only once I had finished and was thinking that any normal person would have vomited did I notice my mistake. Then I actually shaved with the same goo. Then I went to the dining room, which is not nearly as large as our Biedermeier room. An Englishman was sitting there alone (at one o’clock), smoking a cigar. It is like an enchanted castle, and yet it is
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