1 3 6 D O C U M E N T S 1 2 6 , 1 2 7 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 8 126. Foreword to Torrès 1928[1] [Berlin, 7 January 1928][2] Foreword. “The Schwarzbart trial has shown that the French people has remained true to its great tradition as a defender of human rights.[3] Its judicial organs are still bearers of a healthy and gallant sense of justice and not ossified in the service of rigid ar- ticles. This was shown very clearly in the Schwarzbard trial, where the factual findings of a legal offense were apparently completely fulfilled… By taking into account the great tragic events, without which this act of an indi- vidual would never have occurred, he helped ‘true law’ to win out and gave the voice of world-consciousness an effective expression, and at the same time in the mind[4] Jews in all countries and all people who are filled with the spirit of humanity and law will not forget this court, nor will the French people forget this new proof of a higher conception of law, and we greet with joy that through his masterly speech for the defense based on the spirit of a true sense of justice, a monument to Master Torrès was erected for all time.”[5] 127. To the Rote Hilfe Berlin, 7 January 1927 [1928] In view of the fact that the insufficiently condemned method of using violence is employed similarly by both parties, I find myself not in a position to choose sides in the way you suggest, and therefore cannot sign the appeal.[1] Respectfully yours, A. Einstein
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