3 6 8 D O C U M E N T S 3 9 2 , 3 9 3 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 9 392. To Louis de Broglie [Berlin,] 2 February 1929 Dear Mr. de Broglie, It pleases me very much that you are interested in my work,[1] [2] which I greatly regret to say has given rise to such an ugly, publicity type clamor on the part of the newspapers.[3] I also am only minimally content with the development of the quan- tum theory I still believe today that the essentially statistical approach has failed. My current work consists only of an attempt to unify the field theories of gravi- tation and electricity. The problem of particles and quanta has not been addressed in it. But I believe that the present theory will provide a better-founded basis for that problem, also, than the present semi-empirical methods. That, however, lies in the hands of the gods. Kind regards from your A. Einstein 393. To Paul Ehrenfest [Berlin,] 2 February 1929 Dear Ehrenfest, Enclosed are 2 copies of my new articles on the field theory.[1] One of them is intended for O. Klein,[2] whose address I don’t know. Lend them to Mr. Fokker,[3] also. I have so few copies. I believe in this matter quite sincerely but for the mo- ment, I am alone in my belief. I am getting along quite well, as long as I stay obediently within my four walls. I hope that Gallinka is happy and cheerful again with Pawlikchen.[4] Greetings also to the scholarly daughter and the runaway mother.[5] Visit our Juliuses now and then.[6] They are so nice and nary a soul checks in on them. Mary is doing well again.[7] If you go for a visit, give them my greetings and take a walk with them in honor of my well-being. Warm greetings from your Einstein
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