7 8 D O C U M E N T 7 3 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 7 It would be very kind of you to inform me regarding how far the incorporation of Hadassah’s doctors into the university’s staff has proceeded.[4] It appears that your warning regarding Dr. Kligler was fully justified.[5] However, his baleful in- fluence could not be so great if Magnes had acted loyally toward the board of trust- ees from the outset.[6] Kind regards, 73. From Heinrich Zangger Zurich, Zürichbergerstrasse 8, 21 October 1927 Dear Einstein, In Zurich, nothing has happened in physics. Yesterday Scherrer[1] came to visit me, today the dean of the Faculty of Philosophy. (Confidentially).[2] Bothe played a prominent role,[3] and I did not hesitate to express my certainty, after I visited him with President Paschen[4] at the Bureau of Standards and had a very good impression of him. On the other hand, theoretical physics is in a very bad situation. Heisenberg has not yet declined, but he is expected to do so any day now, because he is going to Leipzig[5] to work with Debye.[6] So excuse me if, after discussions with other colleagues who have visited me be- cause they still believe that I will bring in another Einstein, I turn to you. Now Ein- stein has to help. Do you know whether Dirac,[7] whose name I mentioned to you in Berlin, came to Zurich and whether he has already been in Germany long enough so that he can soon lecture in German? With Dirac, we would soon break through.[8] It seems that Edgar Meyer[9] is not eager to have Pauli.[10] Then there is also the view that for the university, that certainly can’t spend very much, we should take a chance by hiring a very young colleague who would someday join the lineage of Einstein, Schrödinger,[11] and Debye. I considered for a moment your (Hungarian) collaborator Szilard,[12] who is very talented and intervened very pertinently in the discussion, even if he[13] slipped a little on another occasion, and who has ideas and presents them very well and forcefully. On the other hand, there is, alas, the difficulty of appointing men who have not qualified to assume a professorship. But if you can recommend someone who is generally so well regarded, the fac- ulty can be won over and in that situation it would probably also be possible to per- suade Edgar Meyer as well.
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