1 8 8 D O C U M E N T 1 9 3 M A Y 1 9 2 8 and to Fermi’s theory, and it is opposite to what one would intuitively expect and for both theories, , points in the correct sense, although, however does not reach the value found for nitrogen. But this result is also quite uncertain owing to the use of the van der Waals equation. Now, just recently I have seen the report of the Leyden institute to the Cryogen- ics Conference that took place in Rome over Easter.[10] In that report, state dia- grams for hydrogen and helium are given, which were obtained by combining all the available observational data, and they extend down to the normal boiling points. I believe, on the basis of the information given, that these diagrams also are rather imprecise at the critical points, and I seriously doubt that one will be able to reduce them to an accuracy of 1%. However, I will obtain the large-scale diagrams that are supposed to be available, and as soon as I have them, I will try to see if they can be used. When I have finished with that, I will send you the news again. This whole investigation makes sense only if we can base it sufficiently on experimental data, and one has to proceed very critically. This is also the reason why I have not yet been able to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion. I certainly hope, esteemed Professor, that your health has already improved, so that we won’t have to be without you much longer at the colloquium. With best regards, yours sincerely, W. Meissner 193. To Andor Fodor [Berlin,] 17 May 1928 Dear Professor Fodor, I willingly believe that you have to a large extent been treated unjustly, and I know that at the “university” a decided mismanagement and arbitrariness prevails.[1] Therefore I understand that you are very quietly seeking another sphere of activity.[2] I myself will do all I can to improve the situation. If at this year’s meeting of the board of trustees the philistines in Jerusalem cannot be deprived of influence over the institution’s operation, and the academic council doesn’t give the true academic administration to a person like Mr. Brodetsky, then I will make a noisy exit from the administration of the university, without worrying about the heavy blow that will be dealt as a result.[3] Better dead than alive like that. I also don’t accept your explanation vis-à-vis the German consul-general.[4] It is always imprudent and harmful for outsiders to get involved in a family squabble. Self-respect even forbids doing so. I ask you to also keep me up to date in the future, so that I am aware of everything that happens. Best wishes, your px p px
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