V O L . 1 5 , D O C U M E N T 1 8 J U LY 1 9 2 5 1 7 Vol. 15, 18. To Maja Winteler-Einstein[1] Berlin, 12 July 1925 Dear Sister, It’s been a long time since I wrote you, and yet next to my boys,[2] you’re my only private correspondent, and my correspondence with my boys is no livelier than it is with you. I inherited that from you. I’ve heard about your life indirectly through people who have visited you, and, thank God, nothing but good. A kind of Robinson Crusoe à deux—apart from the boarders. Seen from outside, my life is also not as lively as it was in the years of the high tide of relativity. But it’s full of concentrated work, and seen from your point of view, it’s hugely convivial. I’ve come up with a solution to another beautiful problem—at least a start—and now I’m fully engaged in developing it further.[3] My boys are coming in a few days, and in accord with our old custom I’m going with them to Kiel. Albert is gaining experience there at the Anschütz factory.[4] In South America, it was a mad rush, almost unmanageable.[5] I won’t do that again, too hard on the nerves. But the ocean voyage was splendid, and the Brazilian coast, with its fabulous forest and mixture of peoples and the blazing sun. Now I have here at home a kind of small ethnographic museum, the most beautiful and loveliest things from Japan. They are a people with a deep, tender soul, in contrast to South America Argentina, which seems so banal and ordinary. Everywhere I promoted the Zionist cause, and was received by Jews with indescribable warmth. In contrast, I boycotted Germans in Buenos Aires. Strange how human matters have intensified. I am now on the League of Nations committee again.[6] Here that was taken very badly at first, but gradually the fellows are getting used to the idea of joining the League of Nations.[7] The events since Hindenburg’s election have had an unusually sobering and rehabilitating effect here, since they realized that they are not special.[8] I’m tempted to come down incognito, and visit you in your castle. We’re think- ing about sending Margot[9] down in the fall she can actually offer you more than I can, as a sober old duffer. Best regards to you and Pauli[10] from your Albert
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