D O C U M E N T 1 0 J U N E 1 9 2 7 3 5 10. From Émile Meyerson 16 Rue Clément Marot, VIIIe, 19 June 1927 Dear Professor, Yesterday brought me the great joy of your letter and your article.[1] Will you forgive me if I acknowledge that up to the last minute when this fervent wish of mine was realized, I remained somewhat doubtful? Although I knew how much people draw on you for things, and now how important (important precisely for hu- manity) these things are, and although you had frequently spoken—to me and par- ticularly to others—in uncommonly favorable ways regarding my works, it would have been merely natural for this to be passed over in consideration of more weighty matters. So the bride was too beautiful for me, as we say where I come from.[2] My gratitude for this truly great gift is all the deeper. I find your article almost miraculous in its exceptionally penetrating—penetrat- ing to the inner core—understanding of my efforts. It will immediately be translated into French—if it is all right with you, I will assign this task to Mr. Metz [3] he will do it better than I, because, although I have been writing exclusively in French for so many years, and have also received many compliments as a French writer (of which I am very proud, since it was not easy for me), in trans- lating from German my earlier acquaintance with that language sometimes gets in the way. If Metz is not available, then I will of course do it alone.— I will allow myself to provide marginal comments for the original and the translation, in accord with your generous wish. This will take some time, because the points you make seem to me very weighty and cannot be answered “off the cuff.” But it is for that very reason extraordinarily important for me, dear sir, to arrive at an agreement, in- sofar as possible, even if only in the sense in which the Englishman says: we agree to differ. Such an opportunity to deepen my views regarding the area of the theory of science has never been offered to me before, and I will certainly not let it slip away. However, you must not be afraid that my commentary will make excessive demands on your patience no matter how much I might also reflect on the subject, my little scribble will be very short. With renewed thanks from the bottom of my heart and respectfully yours, E. Meyerson
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