4 2 D O C U M E N T S 2 1 , 2 2 J U L Y 1 9 2 7 21. To Elsa Einstein [Geneva,] 12 July 1927 Dear Elsa, You’re right to call for indulgence. But that would work only if we lived some- where in the country and I didn’t have so many responsibilities to bear.[1] Simple things that the woman in the depths of your soul despises, even if she does not also admit it. Today is the second day of meetings.[2] Tomorrow evening they will be over for now. Then I’m going to Leukerbad for a few days to see whether it’s suit- able for Tete and me.[3] The meetings resume on the 20th and last a week.[4] Then I’ll go back to Leukerbad (if it proves suitable) and wait there for Tete. I’m glad to hear that Ilse is feeling better.[5] Send me Margot’s address,[6] too, so that I can write to her. Finally: you should really go with Mosch.[7] You have to get some fresh air, too, so that you aren’t constantly staring at your four walls. Also it’s better for you without me, because my anxiety grows when it’s transferred to you. My unusual handwriting results from haste. The meeting is about to start, and you absolutely must receive something now. Warm regards, your Albert For fun: They gave me a toothbrush case without a toothbrush!— It’s enormously expensive here. You can’t get even a modest meal in a restaurant for less than 4 Fr. 22. From Moritz Schlick[1] Prinz Eugen Str. 68, Vienna IV, 14 July 1927 Dear Professor, For your friendly message and your amiable intention to support Miss Rosenberg in her Palestinian plans,[2] I express my profoundest gratitude on behalf of my student and myself. Miss R. could not make the intended visit to you because she was abruptly forced to leave Berlin. But she will probably return in the autumn and, with your permission, proceed under the protection of your friendly recom- mendations. I don’t know whether it would interest you, but I would nonetheless like to tell you that I am currently trying, with the greatest fascination, to dig into the foun- dations of logic. I owe the stimulus to do so chiefly to the Viennese Ludwig
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