1 4 V O L . 1 4 , D O C U M E N T 2 2 7 M A R C H 1 9 2 4 Vol. 14, 227. To Maja Winteler-Einstein[1] 27 March 1924 Dear Sister, You are quite justified in being cross with me because I never write.[2] But I am always under the pressure of so many unfulfilled obligations that I don’t find time to write private letters. This is the European disease, to which someone in my sit- uation necessarily falls victim. One longs for a placid existence, but lacks the moral power to achieve it. In your case things are probably better in this regard—or at least so I imagine. In early May I have to go to Naples, and hope to visit you on the way back.[3] Unfortunately, it will be a big hubbub again, and not a tranquil jour- ney. Ilse will soon marry a very kind, good-natured, wholesome fellow, a writer named Kaiser he’s from a modest Jewish family and comes from Mecklenburg.[4] I constantly hear good news about my boys.[5] Albert has become a sound young man, plays the piano prettily, and in the orchestra the double bass. He is supposed to have received the highest score on the examination at the end of his first year of study,[6] despite the fact that he did not exactly distinguish himself by hard work and sailed more than he studied when he was with me during the summer. In Kiel, I have a hideaway and a sailboat, splendors I owe to a friend who has a factory there.[7] Have you also read about the tragi-comedy in Munich?[8] The people don’t let themselves be influenced much by world history, but the latter has in turn made itself independent of them, which was the only possibility. I am glad that Guste vis- ited you.[9] She is quite a good sort, and you can once again say exactly whatever comes into your head. That will do you good. I’m working a lot, but finishing little the altered proverb applies to me: And what he can do, he doesn’t want to do And what he wants to do, he can’t do.[10] Anyway, it remains true that discovery is the prerogative of youth, whereas I am already gradually becoming an old fellow. Now that’s enough, we’ll see each other soon (on the way back from Naples). In the meantime, warm wishes from your Albert
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