V O L . 1 5 , D O C . 5 8 b PA R A D I S E L O S T 1 9 Vol. 15, 58b. “Paradise Lost”[1] [Einstein 1953] Dated [between ca. 1 September 1925 and 30 March 1926?] Published 1953 In: Einstein 1953, p. 22. In the seventeenth century, scientists and artists all over Europe were so closely united by a common link that their cooperation was hardly influenced by political events. The general use of the Latin language further strengthened this community. Today we look on this situation as a paradise lost. Nationalist passions have de- stroyed the community of minds, and the Latin language that used to unite every- one is dead. Scientists, having become the representatives of radical national traditions, have lost their community. These days we observe the striking fact that politicians, men engaged in practi- cal life, have become the supporters of international thought. It is they who created the League of Nations. A. Einstein
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