D O C U M E N T 3 1 A U G U S T 1 9 2 7 4 7 30. On the Balkan Federation [Einstein 1927o] Published [1 August 1927][1] In: La Fédération Balkanique / Die Balkan-Föderation, 72/73 (1 August 1927): 1426. [Not selected for translation.] 31. To Luise Karr-Krüsi[1] Zuoz, 1 August 1927 Dear Mrs. Karr, Through Elsa I have heard about the misfortune that has befallen you.[2] Happy is the man who travels there while still in good years and who is not forced to ex- perience the slow but sure decrease in his strength. But it is all the harder for those closest to him to be left alone in a world that is steadily becoming more alien. So it’s good if people of the same age like us stick together and don’t lose contact. In addition, you’re far better off than most of your sex, because early on you arrived at a more objective experience, at a sympathy with all living things that makes us more independent of our personal fate. I traveled to Geneva via Zurich[3] and would certainly have looked you up had I had any idea that you were going through a hard time. If by chance you are at home in mid-August, I could travel through Zurich in order to see you, assuming that you are in the mood for that. (My address: Confiserie, Zuoz). Kind regards from your A. Einstein
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