1 2 V O L . 1 3 , D O C U M E N T 3 2 3 a A U G U S T 1 9 2 2 Vol. 13, 323a. To Maja Winteler-Einstein[1] [Berlin-Spandau,] 12 August [1922][2] Dear Sister, Your nice letter gave me exceptional pleasure. I am sitting with Tete in the sum- mer house, where we have already been living like Indians for almost a month.[3] Mind you, we have female help in the form of a former maid, but this is a secret.[4] The danger is a questionable matter. No one knows how much truth there is in the rumor.[5] I used it as a pretext for playing hooky here from everything and cancel- ing the lecture at the natural science researchers’ meeting, which I would otherwise have had to hold.[6] Out here no one knows where I am, and I am thought to be trav- eling. I will probably still spend the six weeks before the trip[7] at home after the boys have left on the 17th. Albert will be studying in Munich, because it’s too expensive in Zurich.[8] That’s fine with me, despite all the anti-Semites among the German colleagues. I’m holed up here, without noise and without unpleasant feel- ings, and earn my money for the most part independently of the state, so that I am truly a free man.[9] I will never again accept a university position abroad. However, I had to join a League of Nations commission, which naturally offends people here.[10] I had no choice if I did not want to betray my ideals. Here economic and political hard times are brewing, so that I am glad to be able to go away for half a year. Elsa’s bladder problem has been cured, but in its place she got a uterine infection.[11] She’s been through a lot, but is on the road to recovery and is thinking of going with me to Japan, China, Java, and (possibly) Spain.[12] You see, I’m con- sidering becoming a kind of itinerant preacher. First, it’s pleasant, and second—it’s necessary. Ilse is on holiday in the Bavarian mountains she’s still valiantly helping me in the battle against paperwork.[13] Don’t worry about me, I myself have no fear, even if things are rather fishy people are simply off their rockers. Moreover, things seem to be at least as bad in Italy.[14] Fame has its nasty aspects, which makes it all the more appropriate to make use of the good ones. I can hardly imagine what you are actually doing. Best regards and write back soon to your Albert
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