4 4 D O C U M E N T S 2 4 , 2 5 J U L Y 1 9 2 7 24. To Elsa Einstein Leukerbad, 16 July [1927] Dear Elsa, I like it better now that I’ve settled in comfortably. I dine alone at a little table and always bring along enough to read, so that I don’t have to gape at the locals. In addition, I take lazy walks and work between them. The days thus pass harmoni- ously. I don’t know whether I’ll come here with Tete.[1] I’d rather go to Berlin or Zurich to sail. We’ll see. I’m reading Haber’s lectures.[2] They’re very well- written, but somehow they repel me, despite all the intelligence of the content and the clarity of the style.You should also get out a bit, so that you escape to some ex- tent the same old clip-clop. But I have to admit that I prefer to stay at home. Best regards from your Albert 25. Message for Max Liebermann’s Eightieth Birthday[1] [Einstein 1927n] Dated before 20 July 1927[2] Published 1927 In: Max Liebermann im Urteil Europas. Zum 80 Geburtstage des Künstlers am 20. Juli 1927. Berlin: B. Cassirer, 1927, p. 370. Joyful affirmation of life, which you saw with sharp eyes, illuminated with cheerful humor, and artistically shaped with delicate fingers and unconquerable in- dustry. Sound, upright, proud, and disinclined to make any compromises, with no emotionalism, no pedestal-inviting veneration, but always a human being who is on familiar terms with everything, living or not. Dare I say it? You have limned so many people, including me so this modest revenge by means of colorless words is no doubt permissible. Cheerfully in celebration of the master!
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