D O C U M E N T 1 6 9 A P R I L 1 9 2 8 1 7 3 journey is something that could undermine someone less ill than you are, and you have already sinned enough against your health.[3] You surely need not leave out of deference to Mrs. Karr,[4] because if you were to damage yourself by leaving now, it would be a small consolation for her. You can come to visit us at any time. We are all very concerned about your well-being, and you should also finally be converted to this attitude. So please, don’t do anything without first consulting a doctor. I practiced today in Winterthur to the point of fainting away.[5] If I’m still not making progress tomorrow, I’ll give myself up as hopeless. Best wishes from your Teddy 169. From Mileva Einstein-Marić [Winterthur, ca. 2 to 10 April 1928][1] Dear Albert, Since I left you and don’t see you, your decision to travel seems to me increas- ingly incomprehensible.[2] It is after all in no way necessary for you to undergo this strain right now. Just think about the consequences of flailing about and hauling suitcases why do you want to add even more?[3] In any case, let Dr. Löffler[4] come again and determine whether your last malaise had a specific cause. Tete was upset when he heard that you didn’t feel well and yet wanted to travel.[5] It would also be an infinite relief to me if you abandoned this travel plan for the time being, and I beg you to do so. Kind regards, Mileva
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