D O C U M E N T S 4 7 2 , 4 7 3 M A R C H 1 9 2 9 4 2 1 472. To Eduard Einstein Berlin, 27 March [1929][1] Dear Tetel, I not only understand your letter, but often catch myself having harbored similar feelings in my breast.[2] But up to this point your conception has emphasized the doctrine of the negation of mutual aid and support among humans. When you op- pose the overestimation of the human intellect, I completely agree with you.[3] Here as well the Greeks found, in an exemplary way, the right measure. I took great pleasure in reading what you wrote. We will want to discuss it, and also women’s right to vote.[4] Only women with masculine characters fight for that. I will stop writing now, so that you can think through this question by yourself. Warm regards to Mama[5] as well from your overworked Father 473. To the Hebrew University Berlin W., 27 March 1929 To the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Deeply moved, thank the wayward child for his love with sincere wishes,[1] Albert Einstein 474. Couplet on His Verse Making [Berlin,] 28 March 1929 [Not selected for translation.] When are you coming??
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