2 0 V O L . 1 5 , D O C S . 1 6 4 a , 2 2 2 a M A R C H 1 9 2 6 Vol. 15, 164a. Verse for Alexander Moszkowski[1] [Einstein 1929g] Dated before 15 January 1926[2] Published 1929 In: Gelegentliches von Albert Einstein. Zum fünfzigsten Geburtstag 14. März 1929 dargebracht von der Soncino-Gesellschaft der Freunde des jüdischen Buches zu Berlin. Berlin: Soncino-Gesellschaft, 1929, p. 31. Darling of the gallant muse Herald of everything abstruse Source of jokes for big kids No less a preacher of the arts— Who the devil is the man Who all this and more can, Whose pen tirelessly skips, Whose eye nothing escapes, Who masterfully shapes All in the bottom line? Herr Moszkowski is the master Who feeds each and every mind. Muse, cheerful, generous miss, Be not lazy, give him a kiss. Vol. 15, 222a. To Maja Winteler-Einstein[1] [Berlin,] 15 March 1926 Dear Maya, Your nice birthday letter[2] just came and I feel that, with all the guilt that I otherwise have, the guilt I feel with regard to you should have a place of honor. The
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