D O C U M E N T 2 3 8 J U LY 1 9 2 8 2 3 3 the sea. We owe this splendid stay to Toni,[6] who has rented the house for the whole summer. A month ago, while I was still in bed, I wrote a very interesting work on the re- lationship between gravitation and electricity.[7] If it is as true as it is beautiful, then I can be content. But that will be seen only later on. I continue to think that looking and understanding is the finest gift that can be bestowed on someone, even if the little things that life brings in the microcosm are also not to be despised (vivat Ep- icurus). Write to me soon and tell me how you’re doing up there and how everybody is. That interests me and is certainly food for your pen. It’s too bad that you have not been able to come to visit us here. I am reading Rabelais’s Gargantua[8] with Toni. I have rarely read a work so extraordinary and hilarious. As soon as we have fin- ished the first volume, I will send it to you. After reading it, you must then send it back to Berlin, because it belongs to Rudi or his publishing house.[9] This flat landscape with the sea is what I like best. It attracts me far more than the mountains. I am only sad that my wretched condition prevents me from sailing. 50 paces is the only physical exercise that I am allowed. Albert’s wife has made a rather favorable impression on everyone here, including me, after our very nega- tive expectations.[10] If they have no children, they have my blessing. Albert is touching with her may God continue to bless his rose-colored glasses. Get well again very soon, with best wishes from your Papa 238. To Paul Ehrenfest Scharbeutz, 12 July [1928][1] Dear Ehrenfest, I completely agree with your suggestion regarding the student van Zuylen.[2] I have also enclosed the card. I am condemned to a life of leisure here, beneath splendid beech trees on the Bal- tic Sea. I already feel considerably better. I look forward to sending you my newest article, which shows that even for the equations of gravitation in vacuum, there ex- ists a natural possibility within the framework of general relativity that is quite dif- ferent from the equations used up to now.[3] A happy vacation for all of you and best regards, your Einstein
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