1 0 6 D O C U M E N T S 9 2 , 9 3 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 7 92. To Andor Fodor [Berlin,] 26 November 1927 Dear Prof. Fodor, Thank you very much for your detailed explanations.[1] The latter merely strengthen my conviction that I cannot bear responsibility for the conditions pre- vailing at the university. Because of the power of American money, I can’t change anything in the matter, but I believe that by officially resigning I am doing a ser- vice—because thereby, and through the resignation of men who are recognized as honorable and conscientious, the situation of the current leadership will be weak- ened. This, together with the mistakes that are constantly being made,[2] must even- tually make the position of the present leadership unsustainable. In the meantime, you will unfortunately have to make the best of the situation. Kind regards, 93. To Otto Lüning [1] [Berlin,] 26 November 1927 Dear Colleague, Thanks for your amiable letter, which is cheering at least insofar as it shows that there really are still people like you among German university teachers.[2] I am not so badly informed as you think, and the interview you mention does not correspond as exactly to what I said as you believe it does.[3] I am a subscriber to Menschheit and the Anderen Deutschland and read them quite regularly.[4] What is said therein is certainly pertinent, but naturally seen from a specific side. That a certain nervousness prevails with regard to Poland, and that it is exploited by certain groups, is not entirely incomprehensible, given the unpre- dictability of the situation there.[5] But it is highly unlikely that any responsible German government will drift into such a military adventure. The situation abroad and the financial condition will, thank God, prevent that. Only the current Reich government seems to me bad, and it is only a feeble consolation that every people ultimately gets the fate it deserves, and so will the Germans… In any case, it is the duty of every rational person to support the reasonable cause. We are both doing that, and more we cannot do! Respectfully yours, with kind regards
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