D O C U M E N T S 5 9 , 6 0 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 7 7 1 The question about the movement of the sun is much easier. There is an inter- mediary movement with respect to the host of the stars nearest us in the Milky Way.[2] This can be observed in the apparent small changes in the location of the fixed stars.[3] How can that matter much to you? In itself, the trip may go quickly, but with respect to the enormous distances of the fixed stars, so slowly that it is as if it were at a snail’s pace. This summer I spent a few splendid days with Michele.[4] It’s too bad that you weren’t with us. Then we would have left erudition in our pockets.[5] Warm regards, your A. Einstein 59. To Leo Kohn Berlin, 20 September 1927 Dear Mr. Kohn, I frankly expressed my opinion to Mr. Warburg, and have heard nothing further from him.[1] Therefore I consider it not right to write to him again. If the agreement with Hadassah is accepted, or if Magnes’s proposals are endorsed in part or in whole, I will withdraw from the board of trustees and from the academic council, and uncompromisingly justify these steps in the Jewish press.[2] I will do the same if it proves impossible to countermand Magnes in the near future.[3] I do this in the conviction that at this point no further real damage will be done if the university is completely compromised in the eyes of the Jewish community. Perhaps it would be in the interest of the cause for you to see to it that this decision is made known to all concerned. Kind regards, your A. Einstein 60. To Leon Steinig[1] Berlin, 20 September 1927 Dear Mr. Steinig, I thank you for your friendly information. In response to your questions: whether I will speak before the administrative board, I do not know.[2] This obviously de- pends on circumstances that I cannot assess. In any case, it would be very desirable for you to send me the promised factual documents, so that I am well informed un- der all circumstances. If possible, I would speak in German, though if necessary I
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