6 V O L . 9 , D O C S . 3 4 2 a , 3 4 2 b 1 9 2 0 Vol. 9, 342a. To Hermann Struck[1] [Berlin, before 7 March 1920][2] Dear Mr. Struck, Your wonderful gift gave me the greatest delight. Your work has found a favor- able place over my desk, and I never tire of immersing myself again and again in the old man’s resigned, kind face that you have so wonderfully caught and preserved.[3] It is precisely the portrait that at that time particularly struck me it al- ways reminds me of Leonardo.[4] I will sign the etchings, as you wished me to do. Honesty requires, however, that I confess to being not totally in agreement: there is something alien, stiff in them. Perhaps I find that only because of a lack of self-knowledge, perhaps the obligation to sit immobile produced the rigid expression—I don’t know. I thank you very much for the two copies you gave me.[5] Hoping to see you again soon, best regards, your A. Einstein Vol. 9, 342b. Dedication for Hermann Struck [Berlin, ca. 7 March 1920][1] Cheers to transience, whose countenance is wrested away from merciless time by the master’s hand! Albert Einstein
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