8 6 D O C U M E N T S 8 0 , 8 1 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 7 80. To Presse-Verlag Dr. Dammert [1] [Berlin,] 3 November 1927 I beseech you not to reproduce in the B.[erliner] T.[ageblatt] my statement on the death penalty.[2] In the meantime, I have arrived at the conviction that the abo- lition of the death penalty is desirable. My reasons: 1/ Irreversibility in the event of a judicial error 2/ Disadvantageous moral influence of the execution procedure on those in- volved, directly or indirectly, in it.[3] Respectfully yours, 81. To Heinrich Zangger [Berlin, 3 November 1927] Dear Zangger, Having just returned from the Solvay Congress in Brussels, I hasten to answer your questions.[1] Dirac is the most promising young theoretician in England.[2] He does not speak German. He is brilliant, but there’s no way you will get him. Pauli is also a brilliant theoretician.[3] If Edgar Meyer refuses him, he won’t be able to answer for it.[4] He is one of the most important thinkers among the young- sters, so far as inventiveness and ability are concerned, just as good as all his pre- decessors. Szilard is very clever, but can’t do much.[5] I can’t recommend him to you. Haven’t you thought of Jordan?[6] He’s an equally valuable collaborator with Born, Heisenberg,[7] Pauli in quantum mechanics. I don’t know him personally, but I think very highly of him. In any case, he’s also exceptionally talented. Tolman is greatly esteemed in America,[8] and probably also good, but in my opinion he is not in the same league as the others mentioned earlier as suitable, not to mention that he is probably not to be had. Kramers is capable,[9] but probably wouldn’t leave Holland because he’s the best of the younger generation there. Wenzel is gifted,[10] though his achievements are not as outstanding as those of Heisenberg, Jordan, Pauli. I don’t think much of Scherrer as a researcher.[11] But he can experiment. Bothe is better in every respect.[12] Dällenbach is smart and capable [13] I know too little about Tank,[14] but I don’t think that is entirely my fault. Ilse is getting along all right.[15] If she continues to recover in this way, she’ll be able to go to the Engadin.
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