D O C U M E N T S 2 1 2 , 2 1 3 J U N E 1 9 2 8 2 0 7 212. To Ernst Heymann[1] [Berlin,] 4 June 1928 Dear Colleague, Thank you very much for your letter.[2] I can understand your negative attitude in the matter of protecting scientific discoveries and inventions. It also seems to me that because of America’s completely negative attitude, the currency of this ques- tion has greatly decreased. As I see it personally, the thoroughly negative attitude toward the project is not completely justified. What I have in mind is a modest re- muneration for savants who have achieved something important and original to promote certain sectors of the economy. No conflict with the patent system would result, but instead, upon a decision by a certain international arbitration authority, the entrepreneur involved would pay the savant concerned a vanishingly small pro- portion of the economic value in question. In this way truly great injustices would be avoided without the economy suffering any significant damage. Another conse- quence resulting from such an institution would be that people working in scientific fields would see themselves less obligated than they have been up to now to expend a considerable amount of their time and energy on the scientific evaluation of the results of their work.— Warm regards, your 213. To Viola Klein[1] [Berlin,] 4 June 1928 Dear Madam, It is right of you to draw my intention to Miss Zappler’s services to the university curriculum.[2] I did not know that this very nice lady had performed such signifi- cant services to the venture. But I must frankly tell you that founding a university with the goal of reconciling peoples, religions, and races seems to me quite utopian.[3] People don’t want to have any views imposed on them. Such goals can be served only indirectly. The Davos university curriculum should first of all serve people who are ill, and who are forced to reside in Davos. To achieve this goal, a permanent institution would have to be established, even if it were limited in scope. But it would be necessary to avoid creating something like an intellectual shooting match, since there is really no need for that there. Respectfully yours and with kind regards to Miss Zappler
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