D O C U M E N T S 1 7 3 , 1 7 4 A P R I L 1 9 2 8 1 7 7 173. To Emil Rupp Berlin W., 16 April 1928 Dear Colleague, Many thanks for the very interesting results, whose interpretation seems to me to be correct in first approximation.[1]— With kind regards, A. Einstein 174. To Wichard von Moellendorff[1] [Berlin,] 20 April 1928 Dear Mr. von Moellendorf, A representative of the German intellectual workers on the committee of the Ge- neva International Labor Office for Intellectual Work is being sought.[2] It is my task —nebbich[3]—to negotiate with the leading organizations of intellectual workers regarding this appointment.[4] I would consider it very important if you were to accept this position. An insig- nificant waste of time, since meetings occur only twice a year. Would you accept if I got the position offered to you? Please answer right away and say yes, because you shouldn’t so severely disappoint a sick man like myself. Best regards, your 175. From Edward Hutchinson Synge[1] Knockroe, Dundrum, Co. Dublin, Ireland. [22 April 1928][2] [See documentary edition for English text.]
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