V O L . 1 4 , D O C U M E N T 1 a A P R I L 1 9 2 3 1 3 Vol. 14, 1a. Appeal for the Jewish National and University Library[1] [Berlin, on or after 1 April 1923][2] The construction of the new Jewish Palestine cannot be a merely material project. Like the body of the Jewish people, its soul must have a new homeland. By being given an intellectual center on the site of the old national history, it will cease to hang precariously in the world. In the Hebraic culture of the emergent new peo- ple in the old homeland, the Jewish soul will find the foothold that it had lost in the centuries of deepest woe. The culmination of this cultural work and at the same time its deepest foundation is the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, which is now being undertaken.[3] The most important precondition for any university, but also for all constructive cultural work, is the creation of a scientific library.[4] Anyone who wants a univer- sity will and must help establish the library. The first steps have been taken. But these are still far from capable of meeting the needs and demands that must be made on the library. Above all, the small building in which it is housed has long since been overfull, and the rented spaces that have been added to it will make it more or less possible to meet ever-increasing demands, but only for a very short time.[5] It is now high time to create the library in connection with the foundation of the university. The building must be constructed immediately. The Wolffsohn Founda- tion has undertaken to lead and carry out this building project.[6] But it and the leadership of the library[7] urgently need the enthusiastic support of all friends of Jewish culture. Anyone who understands the importance of a national book collec- tion, anyone who knows that there is no national education that is not nourished and fertilized by higher and highest education, anyone who wants to found the univer- sity, anyone who wants to create a homeland for the Jewish soul, will not shirk the solemn duty to collaborate in the construction of the university and library in Jerusalem. A. Einstein[8]
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