D O C U M E N T S 8 6 , 8 7 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 7 8 9 I consider this particularly important because in it we see an effort to exclude ques- tions of prestige and to serve only the cause. It would be gratifying if the effort to exclude political viewpoints were to soon gain ground among us as well.[9] Respectfully yours, 86. To Deutscher Pazifistischer Studentenbund [Berlin,] 12 November 1927 Despite all my sympathy with your efforts I nonetheless consider it, especially on grounds of labor economy, right to remain distant from public political conflicts.[1] Respectfully yours, 87. From Auguste Piccard Brussels, 14 Avenue Ernestine, 14 November 1927 Dear Professor, Having completed the analysis of the Rigi film,[1] we herewith send you the re- sults: 240 half-turns were investigated. Divided up into 12 series, they yield 12 “ether winds” all of them remain far below the Miller wind.[2] Their azimuths are spread over the wind rose in such a manner that the resultant of the 12 series is prac- tically zero, namely a fringe shift of instead of , according to Miller. Our ether wind is thus times smaller than Miller’s value. (1.5 km/sec instead of ), and that at the beginning of September, at 6 A.M. local time, i.e., at the maximum according to Miller.[3] 0.16 1000 - 6.4 1000 - 40 6.3 = 9.5 km sec -------
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