D O C U M E N T S 8 2 , 8 3 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 7 8 7 If you want to know anything more, just write again. Warm regards, your A. Einstein P.S. Among the theorists in Zurich, the young Brillouin is also absolutely to be considered.[16] 82. To Elias Auerbach[1] [Berlin,] 5 November 1927 Dear Doctor, In my activities regarding the matter of the University of Jerusalem, I have got- ten the impression that the situation prevailing there is not exactly gratifying. Mr. Magnes has overridden the board of trustees’ decisions.[2] Dr. Felix was not made part of the hospital’s teaching staff and was driven out of the country.[3] Mr. Kligler, whose scientific and personal qualities are undeniable, seems to play an unreason- ably large role.[4] On the other hand, other, capable people are turned away from the university. I am very concerned about the relationships between Hadassah and the university. Members of the staff hired to do scientific work travel around the world with suspicious frequency. All this and more fills me with worries and ex- treme mistrust. Since you, as Mr. Sieradz[5] tells me, are in the middle of all this and would gladly inform me, I ask you to tell me your opinion of all these things. I assure you that I will not mention your name without your express permission, and also ask you to treat this letter as highly confidential. Thanking you in advance for your efforts, yours sincerely, 83. To Arnold Sommerfeld 9 November 1927 Dear Sommerfeld, I have read your theory with great interest and have gotten the impression that this is indeed the salvation of all that was true in the original electron theory of metals.[1] It is really too bad that you didn’t come here. I am truly convinced that the men you would have dealt with here would have caused you fewer disappoint- ments in a personal sense. As for “quantum mechanics,” I think that it contains just as much truth with regard to ponderable matter as the theory of light without quanta. It is likely a correct theory of the statistical laws, but it has an insufficient concept of the individual elementary processes. Warm regards, your A. Einstein
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