D O C U M E N T S 1 8 2 0 J U LY 1 9 2 7 4 1 18. Elsa Einstein to Reichsbund Jüdischer Frontsoldaten[1] [Berlin, after 6 July 1927][2] Despite his sympathy with the planned event, my husband cannot join you in supporting the charity, because he does not agree with the general tendencies of your association.[3] 19. To Elsa Einstein [Zurich, 9 July 1927] Dear Elsa, I’ve just this minute arrived safe and sound in Zurich, where Tete[1] was waiting for me. I barely got through the border control, because I didn’t have a passport on me. I had to deposit 10 Fr. Please send my Swiss passport to me: Grenz-Pass-Stelle Thayngen,[2] and do it immediately so that I can get my passport and money back. Send Margot’s address and Ilse’s house number[3] so that I can write to them. Warm regards, your Albert Tete sends his greetings. 20. To Hans Albert Einstein [Zurich,] Huttenstr. 62 [11 July 1927] Dear Albert, I’m back in the country and am playing with the now unbeatable Tete.[1] Haydn Mozart Schumann. This evening I’m traveling on to Geneva to attend the international hot air meeting.[2] Thanks for your letter. I think Prof. E. set up the thing in Vienna in order to make me indebted to him.[3] No way. I’m glad you’re taking pleasure in your work and hope that your bridges calculated with so many equations don’t collapse prematurely.[4] Anschütz is going great guns.[5] Things are at a standstill with the M.[6] and also with the refrigeration machine.[7] Almost all our patents seem to have been preempted,[8] since an enormous amount of work is being done in this area. Cobbler, stick to your last. Best regards to both you and your by definition better half,[9] from your Papa
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