1 4 8 D O C U M E N T 1 3 8 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 8 reverses, the ponderomotive force remains unchanged. The field reversal (that is, the second half of it) would thus have no effect on the results of the experiment. In addition, I suggested to him to separate the effects of the field and of the field gradients from each other. The paradoxical result that is then to be expected is, that with a given field gradient, an arbitrarily weak field [7] should be the determining factor in the Stern deflection (plane of beam splitting). I suggested an experiment to De Haas,[8] that he will no doubt discuss with you. Furthermore, I am following romantic plans in the area of the gen. th. of rel., which will certainly be wrecked by pitiless reality. Ilse and Margot are in the Engadin, in a desperate attempt to help the former.[9] So far, this seems to have been successful. Hearty greetings to you and your ranks from your Einstein P.S. Concerning the Russian, I don’t know what is to be done. I spoke with Frank about negotiating a return to Russia. But he refused on the grounds of complete futility.[10] Albert indeed married the old biddy and is situated as a humble engineer in Dortmund.[11] Your Tania did much better![12] The younger one gives me a lot of pleasure with his imaginative letters.[13] He will no doubt become a man of letters or a schoolteacher. Greetings to Mrs. Maler-Onnes, who gave me a very kind invitation.[14] 138. To Hans Albert Einstein [Berlin,] 21 January, 1928 Dear Albert, I haven’t written to you for a long time. But I’m not at all used to writing private letters. The correspondence with Tete, who is philosophically inclined,[1] does have a more or less objective character. The best thing seems to me that you no lon- ger have that dreadful tavern food.[2] Even the strongest man can’t bear that over the long term. I believe it would be good if you could occasionally change jobs.[3] Siemens has written you off. What else is there to be considered? Siemens is—so far as I know—anti-Semitic. Doesn’t A.E.G. need specialists in statics like you? There I have better connections. You don’t need to read Gavronsky,[4] he doesn’t understand anything. Currently, an astronomer named Courvoisier is much talked about he thinks he has done ex- periments that disprove the th.[eory] of rel.[ativity].[5] However, he will meet the
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