4 6 D O C U M E N T S 2 8 , 2 9 J U L Y 1 9 2 7 28. To Elsa Einstein [Geneva,] Tuesday [26 July, 1927] Dear Elsa, The last meetings are today.[1] It was actually more interesting than usual. But I’m glad that it ends today. Tomorrow I’m meeting Besso in Visp, then I travel on to Zuoz.[2] I probably won’t stay more than ten days there. Then I’m coming home. I don’t believe that we could buy a little house in Zuoz. That’s much more expen- sive than furnishing a place again. I’m very happy to be coming home, in particular because it must now be very peaceful with everybody gone. I’m also very happy about the quiet work, especially since I have good things to do. Best regards, also to Grünberg & Ilse,[3] your Albert 29. From Teodor Schlomka[1] Halle (Saale), 30 July 1927 Dear Professor, In the continued flight tests carried out during the past week, the compass used up to now again showed a deviation (in the counterclockwise direction) from the south–north axis this axis, in an aircraft flying in the south–north or the north– south direction, differed from that shown in the aircraft resting on the ground by about during 6 flights.[2] The surprising fact, however, is that an observer in an aircraft flying to the west finds much larger deviations. In the course of 4 flights, deviations of 17.5°, 21°, 15°, and 14.5° were observed. Flights to the east could not be evaluated, because the photographs taken to determine the orientation of the flight direction miscarried.— However, I do not consider anything to have been proven by the measurements thus far, since a second compass that was carried on recent flights (which was admittedly not completely reliable) showed different values of the deviations!— Respectfully yours, T. Schlomka
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