D O C U M E N T S 7 1 , 7 2 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 7 7 7 71. To Internationales Studentenwerk[1] Berlin, 14 October 1927 Dear Sirs, I have just been informed by a member of your executive board[2] that you, after almost seven years’ work, which, motivated by pure humaneness, was devoted al- most exclusively to relieving the great distress of young academics after the war, have now set about putting the relations that you have promoted among students of all nations, spanning 45 countries, in the service of a permanent organization whose task would be to foster in the ranks of intellectually active young people of all nations the spirit of a real, peaceable internationalism seeking peace and mutual aid among peoples.[3] I have also learned that you have decided to establish an emergency fund that you intend to use in the event of a catastrophic emergency to help young academics of the nations concerned. I am sure that you are sustained in your efforts by the active support of all well- meaning people. I know what you have done for Jewish students in countries in which they have suffered extreme deprivation, and I also know that you are the first, and up to now the only, international student organization that includes Jewish students as members with equal rights.[4] This allows me to hope that in your ef- forts to secure the necessary material means for your future activity and your emer- gency fund, you will also receive the help of Jewish groups. With best wishes for your future activity, Albert Einstein[5] 72. To Andor Fodor [1] [Berlin,] 19 October 1927 Dear colleague, The session of the academic council will not take place until the spring or sum- mer of next year.[2] Since I see that the men with scientific abilities are being kept at a distance or driven away from the university by their disgust, and it is practically impossible for me to fight with any success against the conditions prevailing there, I have in fact decided to withdraw officially from the board of trustees and the academic council.[3] I can no longer share responsibility for what is happening there.
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