2 7 8 D O C . 2 8 1 M E S S A G E T O Z I O N I S T M E E T I N G 281. Message for a Keren Hayesod Rally in Honor of Colonel Wedgwood[1] [Einstein 1928p] Dated before 15 October 1928[2] Published 19 October 1928 In: Jüdische Rundschau, 19 October 1928, p. 581. To the headquarters of the Keren Hayesod: Unfortunately, I am prevented by illness from taking part in this important event.[3] The Jewish public has not yet become completely aware of how signifi- cant the Palestine project is for the Jewish psyche and for the position of Jews abroad.[4] Cooperation, as well as a common tradition and mentality, is necessary for the vitality and maintenance of the community, and has already achieved great things in this regard. Fearful and timid ones: hear[5] from a foreign, benevolent mouth what you won’t believe from your own, and what you therefore often cannot see because you’re ab- sorbed in everyday concerns.[6] Do not criticize from the outside,[7] like those who are not concerned by our own cause, but rather strive to support them and influence them favorably when errors and evils appear. I send my regards to Col. Wedgwood with sincere sympathy, wish him success in his efforts, and thank him for having courageously intervened in an exemplary way on our behalf and also actively for his conviction.[8] A. Einstein
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