1 1 8 D O C U M E N T S 1 0 3 , 1 0 4 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 7 taverns, Albert has complained about the climate there, he says it’s very cloudy and windy, the city is dismally gray, and the air full of smoke and soot. I’m very sad to hear about this, I can easily imagine Albert working himself to death. I wanted to ask you whether you know of any way of finding him a position somewhere else that would be at least externally a little more bearable. You would be doing me a very great favor. I think it would do Tete good pedagogically to think not only about himself but also a little about others, in this case, about taking care of his brother, because it is rather like him to elaborate on morals, but completely overlook some- thing nearby where a friendly gesture could be made. I hope you agree with that? What if you made up for the visit you didn’t make last summer by coming at Christmas? We would put you up in the pension next door to us,[7] or one of us would go over there in case Albert brings his very nice wife with him, which is not certain. I would be so happy if you all were here for once!— What do you think about that? We could talk about many things all together and that would do me so much good.— If Albert couldn’t come, if he can’t get free, then I am determined to go there and see whether the situation can’t be arranged so that he gets decent, homemade meals. Why else does he have a wife? Enough for today. But please also write me a few words from time to time, I have so much that saddens me. Best regards, Mileva 103. To Max Liebermann [Berlin,] 10 December 1927 Dear Mr. Liebermann, My strong connection with music gives me the courage to ask you to allow your- self to be listed among the supporters of the enclosed appeal.[1] Professor Ochs de- serves it, and his fate would be too harsh were this effort to fail. Best regards, yours sincerely,[2] 104. From Eduard Einstein Zurich, 10 December [1927][1] Dear Papa, I was very happy with your letter. Your handwriting has already become very foreign to me. I would absolutely not be disinclined to come with you in the winter.
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