2 3 0 D O C . 2 3 3 O N C H R I S T I A N S A N D J E W S If one takes the divergence of 3), and applies the operator to 4), then the drop out, and the difference of the right-hand sides will also vanish, owing to the contraction of the symmetric Eq.: 5) . But the same holds according to II, since then, 3*) . Its divergence is the same as from I. Eqns. 4) and 5) are also the same according to II. With warm regards, yours sincerely, J. Grommer 233. On Christians and Jews [Einstein 1928q] Dated 30 June 1928[1] Published 1 November 1928 In: Die Wahrheit 7, no. 21 (1 November 1928): 4. It is misleading to speak of the “Christianization of the Jews”[2] or of the Jewification of Christians. In fact, there is a common development on common ground, along with the resulting influences, just as among the other components of the varied mixture of peoples who inhabit Europe. The question seems to me to be far more: Why do so many Europeans and Americans make such a fuss about Jews? However, answering this question intel- ligently is a hunt for “the others.” The “Decline of the West”[3] seems to me a fashionable disease that will be cured by oblivion. Prof. Albert Einstein h h h h h + + 0 = h   h + = –h
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