1 7 2 D O C U M E N T S 1 6 6 1 6 8 A P R I L 1 9 2 8 166. To Hedwig Fischer-Landshoff [1] [Berlin, between early April and early July][2] Dear Mrs. Fischer, Please forgive this scribbled note.[3] I have to lie in bed for a few months and am not supposed to sit up (enlarged heart).[4] The Eulenspiegel pleased me very much.[5] Hauptmann[6] is a very unusual fellow among German writers. He draws directly on folklore, he’s always juicy and never sentimental, so he remains free from the conventional, he’s human and literary. In the tragic mode, he’s never stilted but always unpretentious. It’s only when he gets symbolic that he seems a little like a peasant in a tuxedo. Warmest thanks from your A. Einstein 167. To Max von Laue [Berlin or Scharbeutz?, between early April and early October 1928] Dear Laue, I herewith suggest that we found a society for the support of burglars. What a sorry state must the poor fellows be in, if they have to lower themselves to breaking into the dwellings of people like us![1] Best regards to your mutually burgled spouse, from your rickety A. Einstein 168. From Eduard Einstein [Winterthur, ca. 2 to 10 April 1928][1] Dear Papa, Your impending departure seems to me increasingly doubtful.[2] You should not in any case leave without first having yourself examined again. A twenty-hour
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