2 9 0 D O C U M E N T S 3 0 0 , 3 0 2 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 8 300. To Heinrich Meng [Berlin,] 26 October 1928 Dear Dr. Meng, I have already written you about this matter.[1] Though I greatly admire Freud’s brilliant achievements, I cannot take part in such an initiative. I myself have no view regarding the validity of Freud’s doctrine, and think that the peculiar difficulty of the material imperatively demands that judgment be reserved for ex- perienced professionals.— Respectfully yours, 301.On Fernand Mayence, La légende des francs-tireurs de Louvain [Einstein 1928u] Dated 29 October 1928[1] Published 24 December 1928 In: Le Soir, 24 December 1928, p. 1. [See Doc. 302 in this volume for English translation of original document.] 302. To Fernand Mayence[1] [Berlin,] 29 October 1928 Dear Sir, I have, with the greatest interest and sincere sympathy, read a large part of your booklet, La Légende des francs-tireurs de Louvain.[2] I think you have performed a real service by seeking, in the interest of justice and reconciliation, to clarify these lamentable events and to inform those who are of good will and who have up to now been repeatedly misled about them. I think as you do that the resentment that has understandably built up can be averted only through research and complete ac- knowledgment of the truth. I hope with all my heart that your work will make an effective contribution to the achievement of that high goal. Respectfully yours,
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