D O C U M E N T S 2 9 3 , 2 9 4 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 8 2 8 7 293. Addendum to Responses to a Questionnaire from Paul Plaut [Berlin, 23 October 1928][1] Music does not affect research, but they both arise from the same source of long- ing and complement each other with regard to the release that they provide.[2]— 294. To Constantin Carathéodory [Berlin,] 23 October 1928 Dear Mr. Carathéodory, Your letter,[1] in itself so amicable and sympathetic, somewhat shocked me.[2] I thought that this was a case of quirkiness on both sides, but not of systematic ac- tions. Now I am afraid that I must share the guilt for the fact that his name—inci- dentally, quite without justification—has found itself on the title page of the Annalen, in a course of action that I do not support and for which I cannot take re- sponsibility. Tell me please, quite openly, what and who is behind all this. If my fears prove to be justified, then I will withdraw from this whole business—after all, completely in accord with the true circumstances.[3] My opinion that Brouwer has a weakness that quite simply calls the Prozess- bauern to mind is based upon a number of individual incidents.[4] Incidentally, I respect him not only as a thoroughly clairvoyant intellect, but also as a straightfor- ward person of character.— In asking you not to hold my stubbornness against me, and in assuring you that I will never make use of the fact that it was you who informed me, I send my warm regards, your,
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