1 3 4 D O C U M E N T S 1 2 3 , 1 2 4 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 8 123. To Heinrich Zangger [Berlin,] 4 January 1927 [1928][1] Dear Zangger, It was nice of you to write to me about Albert’s condition.[2] But the fellow can’t be helped. He has thrown himself away on this completely worthless, useless old bag who is dragging him down, doesn’t cook for him, and also generally exercises a debasing influence on him.[3] If he doesn’t move on, he’s lost. He’s the only one who can free himself—if it is even possible. Anyway, so long as he is under her influence, I’m not going to worry about him anymore. I fought enough, so long as it made sense to do so. Pauli’s little finger is worth more than Edgar Meyer’s whole body, and it is im- pertinent of him to oppose his appointment.[4] Pauli is also probably better than Wenzel,[5] especially so far as clarity and ability are concerned. I would gladly see him as grandchild heir to my position,[6] just for his independence. De Broglie is a genius,[7] but is probably not suitable for such a chair. Moreover, he would certain- ly not want it. Aside from Pauli, only Jordan might be a candidate, or possibly the young Brillouin.[8] However, in addition to his great gift for invention, Pauli is also a marvelous presenter, both in writing and oration. Warm regards, your A. Einstein 124. From Leopold Infeld Warsaw, 6 January 1928 Dear Professor, I thank you, dear Professor, for your letter and for the article [1] receiving them was a true pleasure for me. Unfortunately, I have to admit that maintaining the approach of the dissimilarity of the scalar products is very difficult and earlier I had already arrived at the con- clusion that asymmetry of the metric tensor in the form that I had assumed must not be taken as a precondition.
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