D O C U M E N T S 2 9 8 , 2 9 9 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 8 2 8 9 298. To Hans Byland[1] Berlin, 26 October 1928 Dear Byland, I’m now feeling somewhat better, so that I can answer your kind letter. My head seems to me still in order, but the legs are weak, as is, thank God, flesh in general. You are still the enthusiastic youngster with the heavenly double bass one ought to imitate you in this best of all possible worlds! I use my illness as a cloak of in- visibility and make it so that no one can catch sight of me that way I can think in peace and lazily hatch ideas. I’m pleased to have become acquainted with you and your little group,[2] and I’m pleased to hear them chirping through you. Best regards from your old A. E. 299. To Eduard Einstein [Berlin,] 26 October 1928 Dear Tetel, Your caring letter delighted me. I’m feeling quite right again, so long as I don’t ask too much physically of my old person, and I am quietly and happily getting on in the same way. This time I was particularly pleased with you.[1] You were more relaxed and less tense than usual, less dependent on yourself, so to speak. Today I received the Forum from the swine Herzog with your boyish maxims and an intro- duction by the aforementioned swine.[2] That is not good, but rather ugly sensation- alism. You must be very careful about publishing, so that you don’t regret it when you are more mature. The danger lies in the fact that in your case, as my son, people might not assess the works by their value but accept them as sensational pieces. You can infer this quite clearly from Herzog’s preface. Don’t do this kind of thing again without having sought the advice of a well-meaning, experienced person. Later on, you yourself will see how correct I am to make this request in the interest of us both. The villa on Lake Constance is not available, and someone else snapped up the one in Zehlendorf Schlachtensee.[3] So for the time being I’m sitting here, but that isn’t the worst fate. For one thing, I’m very fond of my study. Now best wishes to you and to Mama[4] from your Papa
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