1 8 2 D O C U M E N T 1 8 3 M A Y 1 9 2 8 183. To Mileva Einstein-Marić [Berlin,] 5 May 1928 Dear Mileva, I’m still lying in bed, but I’m getting better.[1] In ten days I should perhaps be able to begin carefully standing up. Your letter came just now. I don’t want to com- pare you with Albert’s wife.[2] We are now on such good terms that you don’t need to nourish such thoughts. Now as for Albert, he looked just fine despite traveling all night. Elsa visited Mr. Berger, a major figure in the railroad construction industry.[3] He promised to hire Albert with bright prospects for his future career. Albert came, spoke with the man, and came back. He was determined to stay in Dortmund,[4] and he’s right. In this position he would have directed but not worked as a construction engineer. You know how attached he is to his field and how proficient he is in it. He wants to stay with it, and I think he’s right. I was very pleased to see that he does not want to run after money and his career. He particularly pleased me in human terms—and he was alone there. He was pretty depressed, and then Elsa[5] had the idea that he should use this offer to improve his position in Dortmund. He did that. He would surely get on that way as well. Incidentally, he says that his wife now cooks for him, so that he is not so badly off, and in addition he has a company apart- ment, which is not expensive.[6] I like him so much. If it weren’t for his appendage, what I’d like best would be to have him here but then he would be rid of great dif- ficulties, so that it would be hard to risk it. Incidentally, he’s coming to visit us in early June, unfortunately with his appendage. Thus his wife seems to me not to blame for his not accepting the position Albert has never been deceitful. Toni has rented an apartment for us on the Baltic, near Lübeck.[7] Tete[8] will probably also come there during his vacation. It might be pretty. How do things stand with the return of the money?[9] You wrote nothing at all about it. Best wishes to you and dear Tetel from your Albert
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