D O C U M E N T S 3 5 0 , 3 5 1 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 8 3 3 3 350. To Grete Lebach Gut Lemm, Gatow, 27 December 1928 Dear Mrs. Lebach, I have just now moved into my idyllic hermitage again, and my wife[1] has— after a sharing a farewell radish on buttered bread—sailed away. But I am alone with lovely memories of the genius loci that are even somewhat mixed with roman- ticism and scary creepiness—just as it is at its most beautiful. Your package radi- ated not only its essential sweetness and femininity but also the aroma that is sniffed by the soul’s nose and in a magical way directly from the giver and [spring- ing from] her impeccable [taste].[2] […] [… I have been doing continuously better with my messy corpse. I have worked like a fool and have discovered something wonderful—which won’t happen more than three times during my lifetime. I am thus so very happy and thankful for my fate and have decided to spend some days or weeks just contemplating…][3] 351. To Chaim Herman Müntz [Gatow,] 27 December 1928 Dear Mr. Müntz, But this time, really! Everything now fits to first order and the solution is so splendid, nothing nicer could be imagined. Again we dispense with Hamilton’s principle.[1] We introduce the tensor density Then we can write the identity in the form ... (I) This suggests that we set the most simple imaginable differential conditions for V as the field equations: .. (II) means that the index must be “raised” Eureka V l h l l l + = l l l l + 0 V l 0 V  0 =
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