2 2 2 D O C U M E N T S 2 2 3 , 2 2 4 J U N E 1 9 2 8 sac.[2] At least now I am being treated by extracting liquid: salt-free food, diuretics. Pulse is still accelerated. Weakness and a need to lie down. Albert is there. He’s do- ing well. He’s lucky to have his wife.[3] At least one who supports her husband. Warm regards, your A. Einstein Goodbye! At the end of June I’ll still be here in any case 223. To Mileva Einstein-Marić [Berlin, after 14 June 1928][1] Dear Mileva, Albert has already left again with his wife.[2] I was pleasantly surprised by both of them. He is very happy and has become freer and more open [3] her influence on him is certainly a good one. She is also less bad for people other than him than I had expected.[4] It’s true that she is a little selfish and egocentric, and also not very tactful. But there are many worse, and she is pretty good-natured. In short—if they remain childless, I am resigned to fate.[5] I have ups and downs. What is really going on is not entirely clear, but the long duration of the situation indicates that it is no small problem.[6] I lie down almost all the time. Tetel, of course, has to go to the high mountains.[7] Now the medical brotherhood is going to marry him to the thermometer again, and because he is far away there is nothing I can do about it. I am very sorry that I cannot spend the holidays with him. But up there he might find young people who are more appropriate for him. But to hell with the tiger theory and its cursed vitality.[8] I may not be able to avoid traveling this summer altogether, at least not for the moment. Warm regards to you both from your Papa 224. To Heinrich Zangger [Berlin, before 15 June 1928][1] Dear Zangger, I’m a swine for not having written to you in such a long time, especially after you took care of my corpse with such devotion.[2] I actually felt pretty lousy, while my heart, despite ten weeks of rest, is still quite troublesome.[3] Now Plesch[4] has
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