4 5 6 D O C U M E N T 2 9 8 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 8 large and wealthy enterprises en masse, and thus hamper the work of small or fi- nancially weak inventors and enterprises. Often an inventor cannot pursue his work, cannot give himself over to his calling, because he has to spend all of his en- ergy, time, and resources on the protection of his own monopoly right. The inven- tor’s monopoly right is an unavoidable evil in a free economy. A planned economy must replace it with systematic support and stimulation. A government with a planned economy should maintain monopoly rights to an invention only at the state level, relative to other nations. In such a case, the minuses of monopoly rights would fall away. The task of rewarding and supporting inventors passes on to the government nevertheless, a whole host of other minuses and barriers can emerge (stagnation resulting from the lack of a need for struggle, bureaucratism, intrigues,[1] envy, and so forth). In a free economy the best form of reward is an inventor’s part in the profits and a leadership position, in which he can exhibit his abilities. In a planned economy it is the same, but instead of a part profits, the reward must be about freeing the in- ventor from all other responsibilities and jobs.[2] The improvement of organization and the specialization of work mark out a breakpoint a gradual replacement of individual remarkable capacities with equal- ly balanced mass forces. Published in Изобретатель (The Inventor), 1 January 1929, p. 4. Reproduction courtesy of Inventor and Innovator. [1] “intrigues” (“интриги”) replaces “Politik” in the original German manuscript (Doc. 278). [2] The answer to Targonski’s question 9 is omitted. 298. To Hans Byland[1] Berlin. 26. X 28. Lieber Byland! Es geht mir nun etwas besser, sodass ich Deinen lieben Brief beantworten kann. Der Kopf erscheint mir noch ordentlich, aber die Beine sind schwach wie ja gottseidank das Fleisch überhaupt. Du bist immer noch der schwärmerische Jüngling mit dem Bassgeigenhimmel, das soll Dir einer nachmachen in dieser besten aller Welten! Ich benutze die Krank-
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