V O L . 8 , D O C U M E N T 3 0 9 a M A R C H 1 9 1 7 5 because the artificial honey cards due every three months were lost… I’m walking on shoe soles that could be described as leather mosaics, and even they weren’t easy to get. So never fear that an all-too-voluptuous Epicurean will knock on your door come summer. Unfortunately, when I’m around you, I don’t need to feel embarrassed about being a schlemiel.[3] Moreover, cups that leak are usually best when they also no longer look so good. Otherwise, I’m doing quite well it’s just that I can probably never rid myself of the healthful change in my way of life.[4] I’m curious to know what our cousin Robert will say when we have a chance to see him again. He was not as careful in choosing his homeland as I was.[5] The devel- opment of the political situation will probably last for some time still. But I no longer have any doubt regarding the outcome. The situation of my family is becoming gloomier and gloomier. Miza is still sick in bed, my little boy is tubercular, as she is.[6] It is very possible that the household may have to be dispersed.[7] I am going to follow Zangger’s and Michele’s advice[8] in order not to come across again like a ruthless tyrant, and to avoid pro- voking opposition. Now Michele is against it. But if it comes to that, I will either take Albert with me or give him to you, if you want him.[9] I don’t like to think about the future we already have enough for now. My little book will soon come out.[10] I’ll send you a copy. It’s a bit awkward, but easy to understand. I’m doing little work. But a month ago I laid a fantastic egg, which however still meets with great skepticism among my colleagues.[11] I just keep going without complaining and it’s fine. On the other hand, I don’t know how long Elsa[12] can “put up” with my complicated diet. The latter is not nearly as strict as it was, how- ever. Scientific life has, of course, decreased immensely. How will this all develop if the situation continues for a long time yet? Every nail is literally wiggling in its hole. Forgive me my laziness about writing, and consider that you would be the ones who would always have to feel guilty if I myself were less lazy. Warm wishes from your Albert P.S. The Haberländers[13] are real geniuses when it comes to finding food. This alone is the reason that despite worsening conditions I have a good supply of food.[14] How long this wonder will last lies in the gods’ hands. A propos, that reminds me of a great joke: “Don’t you want to sail to America sometime, Itzik?” “No, on a ship my fate is way too much in God’s hands!”
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