D O C U M E N T 7 6 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 5 8 5 from Lorentz even to you, whereas I communicated to Lorentz your response that Kramers absolutely must be supported. And that you are ready to help if so de- sired.— My opinion has lost all weight in Utrecht (and quite rightly so, since on the occasion of O.’s appointment, I preferred Keesom[14] over him), which I also confessed to him and which is a scandal. As for Bohr, I believe he was asked some time ago, but God knows how ---------- I believe it would be good if you immediately, with a very brief reference to a letter from me to you, would write to O. everything that you consider appropriate. In any case, make it clear that I did not write a “hate letter” about O. and that I also certainly have nothing against Burger that I, however, consider passing over Kramers to be unacceptable and, consequently, appealed to you for help. (Since I suspect that O. may have secured the support of Sommerfeld,[15] a strong counter- weight is necessary!)— It would please me if you also sent me a very short but rea- sonably well-mannered response that I could show to my Utrecht colleagues. Send it to me immediately (/////) upon re[ceipt[16] of this] letter—and avoid making any comment that could harm Burger! In the letter to O. remember that in recent years O. has truly brought about a complete revitalization of the physics enterprise in Utrecht!! But, Kramers is Kramers. For now, fond regards!! Your Ehrenfest 76. To Paul Ehrenfest [Berlin,] 25 September 1925[1] Dear Ehrenfest. Enclosed please find the official letter.[2] I ran into O.[3] at a meeting in Munich (yesterday and the day before) on matters concerning the Jerusalem university.[4] He also started up with me about Burger.[5] But he came to the wrong person! I told him my opinion in no uncertain terms. You know that I have always valued O. However, on every serious occasion, his hunger for power and his lack of subordi- nation to the interests of the cause are revealed. He also wants to make use of Jerusalem, so to speak, to his own advantage. I opposed him rather sharply there. Otherwise, I quite appreciate him, his capacity for work, his courage, and his ability to make suggestions, even for the better. Hopefully my letter will be of some help. I am already looking forward to seeing all of you again in December. Mean- while, regards from your Einstein
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