6 6 D O C U M E N T S 5 4 , 5 5 A U G U S T 1 9 2 5 rough.[2] Over the course of an entire year it would be too much, even if one appre- ciates his good sides. The business with Mileva is not what you think. They had to make already anticipated repairs to the roof of the house, earlier than originally planned. That cost 4000 Swiss francs, and they had to pay immediately.[3] Now they are so short of funds for the next half year that they don’t have enough to live on. If I didn’t loan them anything for a few months, they would have to sell secu- rities in America.[4] I don’t consider that right but, instead, am lending her the money that she will certainly pay back soon, because they normally don’t spend anywhere near what they take in.[5] I am glad that you had a nice and varied trip. You will probably be happy all the same when you are back home again where one is undisturbed for the most part. As nice as it is here, I feel the same way you do. Old acquaintances from Winterthur are here at present,[6] but they will be leaving again soon. The man was truly sea- sick yesterday while sailing in completely calm weather. It was absolutely comical. In contrast, you are a heroine. I am happy that Ilse is doing so well. We will let Margot stay a bit longer at the seaside. She’ll need that, since she is now taking care of Ilse by herself. Best regards from your Albert 54. To Rudolf Kayser [Kiel, 21 August 1925] Dear Rudi, I should commiserate with you now because of your solitude and lack of female companionship.[1] But I can’t for the life of me do so. Enjoy yourself! I can assess Ilse’s condition better now since the enemy is known.[2] It actually turned out okay in my case, and I was 10 years older than Ilse at the time.[3] So, no despondency. We’re sailing diligently here [4] otherwise, things are going well for me. Only there are somewhat too many letters and visits this time. Warm regards, your Albert 55. To Walther Schücking[1] Kiel, 21 August 1925 Dear Colleague, At last I am in receipt of Harnack’s[2] reply. It is entirely official, without ex- pressing any personal opinion. From this I conclude that he wants to “button his lip” completely with me. As regards the substance of the reply, it leaves me very
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