D O C U M E N T 3 7 6 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 6 3 6 7 376. To Elsa Einstein [Kiel,] 11 October 1926 Dear Else, I arrived here yesterday evening and spent pleasant hours with Anschütz.[1] I have already done everything that I wanted to. 1) I will get 1% of the selling price of all instruments in which the concept pro- vided by me is used.[2] This can benefit us quite significantly. 2) I established that my invention from last year will be patented and used.[3] I am considered coinventor and will receive half of the licensing fees that may be paid by third-party manufacturers. Tomorrow, everything will be officially put in writing, and I can take it with me.[4] I did not negotiate with Anschütz, but with Mr. Otto,[5] who is the business manager of the company. He was glad that I took the initiative for this settlement and explicitly stated that my contribution was of vital importance to the entire thing, and that they all knew that. The fact that the business from last year initially remained unnoticed is ex- plained exclusively by the fact that no one understood it last year.[6] However, now Mr. Richter is all fired up about it.[7] I am delighted to be able to state that everyone behaved very nicely. Do you see that I am not too timid and stupid to exercise my rights? I did tell you so. All these rights are, by the way, inheritable. What funny business are you writing there about Mrs. Lebach? You think that I would be capable of being disloyal in such a way to a splendid man whose hospi- tality I was enjoying and with whom I was socializing as a friend?[8] I myself do believe that Mrs. Lebach liked me, but it is impossible that anyone else noticed that for my part, it was also only an assumption. Tania Ehrenfest[9] is extraordinarily gifted. I gave her various things related to my theory and she solved them right away, i.e., in one day. If she were a man, some- thing significant would come of it. However, I believe she will not muster up the energy for that. Little Paul,[10] who is only 11 years old, is also already very skilled. When he’s older, the plan is for him to apprentice with Anschütz. I have made agreements with Maschke.[11] I have doubts, however, as to whether the matter will last since most of the inventions of his protégé[12] are not worth much. However, perhaps I myself will also succeed in finding something sig- nificant there, so that the matter can be accelerated. I will be back in Berlin the evening of the 13th or the morning of the 14th. For now, warm regards to you and the children,[13] your Albert
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