4 3 8 D O C U M E N T S 4 4 4 , 4 4 5 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 7 444. To Hedwig Born [Berlin,] 6 January 1927 Dear Mrs. Born, I read your play with much pleasure and think that it could be quite successful as a satire of the times.[1] It is witty and amusing throughout. However, as a work of art it seems to me not to be really successful in upholding the much-confirmed truth that the center of creative abilities lies at different physical locations in men and women. You make your characters dance as marionettes they are nothing other than marionettes in your hands, who must demonstrate your opinion to the child of the times, nothing else. They are not given a life of their own. To a certain extent they are transparent, like ghosts, and somewhat abstract. However, wit salvages everything. Bernhard Shaw[2] has often done something similar, and everyone relishes his fireworks. I don’t know whether Rudi has read it yet [3] the poor man lives constantly in a torrent of paper, whereas with me things have very much im- proved in this regard. I will give the play to Mr. Jessner[4] and tell him that I consider it humorous, witty, and timely, and recount something to him about the contents. Hopefully, it will be a success. Warm regards to you and your husband from your A. Einstein 445. To Robert A. Millikan [Berlin,] 8 January 1927 Dear Mr. Millikan, Thank you very much for the kind message about Kennedy’s work.[1] I also heartily return your friendly New Year’s greeting, hoping you will advance science as excellently in the future as in recent years. Mr. Picard (Free University of Brussels)[2] has also repeated the Michelson experiment with negative results and obtained high accuracy with a relatively simple apparatus. He achieved his accuracy not by means of a great length of the optical path, but by precision of the photographic image and of measuring.[3] I heartily thank you for the renewed kind invitation. Unfortunately, I will hardly be able to consider carrying out such big trips anymore (have changed from an an- imal into a plant). Warm regards, your A. Einstein P.S. Looking forward to seeing you again in the summer. I’m sending you a paper in the same mail.
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